QSL: Radio Hargeisa 7120


Radio Hargeisa has been widely heard since the inauguration of their new 100 kilowatt shortwave transmitter last August. Their Chinese built transmitter transmits on 7120 kHz right in the middle of the radio amateur band. Despite some occasional HAM QRM, Radio Hargeisa is often heard with fair to good signals on my limited longwire antenna at home prior to closing down at 19.00 UTC.

Hargeisa is the capital of the self declared Republic of Somaliland. Somaliland has its own flag, currency, stamps etc., but is not recognized by any other country as to this day.

Wellknown radio amateur Baldur Drodnica issues QSL cards for Radio Hargeisa. He promply sent me the above full data QSL card at my request. Radio Hargeisa is my very first QSL from Somalia, not to mention from Somaliland if one counts Somaliand as a separate country 🙂


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