QSL: RTL 234


This fall I strung out a short antenna wire, but just for a couple of days. Even though I am living in a rural environment, the local noise level was unfortunately very high. No stations at all, just noise, were heard on the tropical bands and the noise also made serious DX-ing on the mediumwave band impossible.

Still, it was nice to turn the bands again after nearly 2 years away from “live” DX-ing.

One of the stations heard well was RTL on the longwave band. As this station was missing from my QSL collection, I sent a reception report by postal mail. Two weeks later I received the QSL card above depicting the Beidweiler longwave transmitter.

This longwave transmitter broadcasts RTL’s French programming directed towards France. The power of this transmitter is no less than 2000 kilowatts so this is one of the most powerful transmitters around. There have been several rumours about the closure of both this transmitter and of the legendary mediumwave transmitter at Marnach on 1440 kHz, but both transmitters survive as to this day.


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