QSL: WSM Nashville TN 650

WSM makes it to Lista quite regularly on 650 kHz. Its signal is often heard below dominant station CKGA in Newfoundland. Both stations plays country music, but with a different flavour. I definitely prefer the country format of WSM to that of CKGA. Reception of WSM was pretty good at times at Lista in January 2011. I sent an e-mail report to Robin Roberts Ladisa at WSM who replied with a postal reply containing a really nice “Aircastle of the South”  QSL folder card, a sticker, a refrigerator magnet, a station brochure and a WSM guitar pick(!). This was the 3rd time Robin tried to send me a QSL. The first 2 letters he sent to me was apparently lost in the mail somewhere between Tennessee and Norway. Kudos to Robin for not giving up!

WSM operates a 50 kilowatt transmitter located in Brentwood south of Nashville. WSM unusual diamond shaped antenna is a landmark, in fact there is only one tower in the United States with the same design (the other tower is operated by WLW in Cincinnati on 700 kHz). The radio tower for WSM has also been added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. There are many pictures of this tower on the web and this page over at oldradio.com tells the history of this transmitter

In addition to operating a historic transmitter, WSM also airs the world’s longest running radio program The Grand Old Opry which begun as early as in 1925.


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