QSL: WMOB Mobile AL 1360

Catching stations from Alabama is not easy. I can’t remember hearing more than 3 stations from this state during my entire DX career. One Alabama station has become quite regular during the past 2 years: WMOB in Mobile on 1360 kHz. WMOB – “Mobile’s Christian Voice” – has had to  twist its antenna pattern due to construction going on nearby. There’s an interesting story on the trouble the station has had on this web page.

The problems have had a positive effect upon DX-ers as WMOB has been a very difficult catch prior to the change in antenna pattern. For the last couple of years, the station has been heard widely in Scandinavia and in the U.K. It remains to be seen if WMOB will be heard so often now. The station is building a new transmitter site to the east of the current site and may revert their antenna pattern back towards Mobile (i.e. westwards).

I heard WMOB at Lista in January 2011. WMOB is supposed to only run 212 watts at night, but I guess they broadcast with a higher output power when I heard them.  Jackie Harrell confirmed my reception of the station with a brief e-mail yesterday.


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