QSL: Radio Maria 1467

I must be one of very few Norwegian DX-ers who still thinks it is fun and/or interesting reporting and QSL-ing European stations. For me though, getting a QSL from a small European station is just as fun as obtaining a QSL from a U.S. or Latin American station.

One country which I have never verified is Monaco. Strictly speaking, you can’t hear Monaco on AM radio at all as there are simply no AM transmitters located within this tiny principality.  There are 3 transmitter sites (Fontbonne, Col de la Madone and Romoules) located outside the terrritory of Monaco which are still counted as Monaco in most authorative lists (such as the World Radio TV Handbook).

One of these transmitter sites are Col de la Madone. This site is used by China Radio International on 702 kHz and Radio Maria on 1467 kHz. I submitted a reception report to the latter some weeks ago and I received a friendly postcard from Radio Maria in my mailbox confirming my reception of the station. Radio Maria is on the air 05.00-19.00 on 1467 kHz with French programming.


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