QSL: WSPQ Springville NY 1330

One of many pleasant surprises on my last DX-pedition to Lista in January 2011 was catching the signal of WSPQ on 1330 kHz. 1330 kHz is a frequency which has a clear dominant station (WRCA) as well as a clear “number 2” station (WFNN). On this particular DX-pedition, WRCA was not as strong as usual and several other stations were noted in the log. One of them was WSPQ which was heard with a pretty good signal over a long period of time on 1330 kHz.

WSPQ, located in Springville, New York, broadcast a classic hits format with music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Their transmitter output is just 1 kilowatt so not bad making it across the Atlantic, especially considering all the interfering stations on 1330 kHz. John Lenox kindly verified my reception of the station a few days ago.


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