QSL: WHKT Portsmouth VA 1650

Updates to this blog has been very rare lately. I discovered it is now nearly a year since my last blog posting. Well, there are times when DX-ing can’t be high on your list of priorities. 2010 has been such a year for me, hopefully 2011 will provide some more time for the radio hobby.

A few QSLs did arrive in 2010 however. One of them – and probably the most surprising one – came from WHKT in Portsmouth, Viriginia, a station which can easily be heard here in the winter season. The reason for my surprise was the time it took to respond. My last reception report to the station was sent in October 2005 so it lasted more than 4 1/2 years before the QSL arrived here. A big thanks to Monica Rae for sending a full detailed QSL diploma to both me and a number of other DX-ers.

Untill January 2010, WHKT was a Radio Disney affiliate. The station was then sold from Radio Disney to a religious broadcaster. The station now broadcasts conservative talk programmes and is branded as “Freedom 1650”.


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