DX-pedition to Lista, November 26-30, 2009

Before setting out for this season’s only DX-pedition to Lista at the end of November, I had really high hope for the best DX-pedition to Lista ever! Reception of Transatlantic stations on mediumwave had been very good earlier in the autumn, judging from many reports on the web.

As is often the case, it’s when expectations are high that you are likely to become really disappointed! This was also the case this time. Even though the sun was very quiet and all the indices were really favourable, signals just did not propagate! Others DX-ers listening at the same time, such as David Hamilton over in Scotland, had similar experiences and reported that the conditions were in general “very poor”.

The band was more or less completely dead in the mornings, which is the time of the day when rare stations can rise from the noise. The evenings, especially during 22.00-23.00 UTC, were for a change much more interesting than the mornings. Almost all interesting stations were heard between 950 and 1300 kHz, the rest of the band was more or less “dead” or just nor interesting. In the late mornings some West Coast stations surfaced, such as 1000 KOMO Seattle WA and 1010 CBR Calgary AB. Of the West Coast stations, 1140 CHRB High River AB had the best and most consistent signal.

After reviewing most of the recordings, however, we nevertheless discovered a number of rare to semirare stations. Conditions turned out to be much more interesting than we thought when we were DX-ing “live”. We were especially pleased about finding a number of rare stations in New York. Best loggings so far: 930 WPAT Paterson NJ, 1030 Radio Centro (Mexico City), 1060 WLNO New Orleans LA, 1070 WFLI Lookout Mountain TN (huge signal!), 1070 WAPI Birmingham AL, 1410 WENU South Glen Falls NY, 1420 WNRS Herkimer NY, 1570 WVTL Amsterdam NY, 1580 WEAM Columbus GA and 1580 WHFS Morningside MD.

Update January 19, 2011: The log (still not final) has now been posted!


18 thoughts on “DX-pedition to Lista, November 26-30, 2009

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