QSL: HCJB via Voz Cristiana 9865

I have never tried to obtain a QSL from one of my favourite countries in the world: Chile. Well, there haven’t been a lot of stations to choose from as Chilean mediumwave stations hardly ever makes it to my usual DX pedition site at Lista.

The Christian shortwave station Voz Cristiana has been around for a long time, however. I have heard them a couple of times through the years, but never sent any reports. When HCJB in Ecuador announced they were to broadcast some test transmissions from the Voz Cristiana transmitter site at Calera de Tango near Santiago, I deciced to try for one of these test broadcasts. The transmission I listened in to was in German and beamed towards South America, but as this is in the same direction as Norway their signal was heard very well at my home QTH.

After the closure of the HCJB shortwave transmitter on November 15, 2009, some of their broadcasts have been transferred to Voz Cristiana. One of them is the German language broadcast I listened to, the only change is that their frequency has now been changed from 9865 to 9835 according to the HCJB German language web pages.

Iris Rauscher of the German language team in Quito confirmed my reception with a nice e-mail and later also with a QSL-card and some information about the station by postal mail.


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