DX-pedition to Lista, February 19-22, 2009

The 2nd DX-pedition of the 2008-2009 season to Lista took place between February 19-22, again accompanied by Torgeir Nyen. We were hoping for a repeat of the  previous DX-pedition a couple of months earlier which was extremely successfull. Unfortunately, some disturbances on the sun prevented us from hearing many unusual stations this time.

Common stations from the usual geographical window of the Canadian and U.S. East Coast, the Caribbean and Venezuela were heard well, but hardly any rare stations surfaced. A striking difference from the DX-pedition earlier in the season was that no stations from the Midwest or from the West Coast could be heard.

Best loggings so far: 1370 WGIV Gastonia NC, 1420 WBEC Pittsfield MA + the 2 Dominicans 970 Radio Olímpica and 1440 Radio Impactante.

A preliminary log will be posted when time permits! 🙂


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