QSL: WGHQ Kingston NY 920


We were really pleased about logging WGHQ in Kingston, New York, on 920 kHz at Lista in October 2008. That was a station we had not even heard of prior to the start of the DX-pedition, much less a station we expected to actually hear

When reviewing our recordings later on, we found that WGHQ could be heard continuosly for several hours with a weak to fair signal. The programme consisted of mostly non stop music from the 60s, 70s and 80s intercepted with jingle identifications, typically as “at the top of the hour find out what’s happening in your world – 9-20 WGHQ”. WGHQ has been logged by several other DX-ers in Scandinavia both last season and this season, despite that the station has a night time output power of just 78 watts!

Bruce Owens, Program Director at Hudson Valley Talk Radio, confirmed my reception of the station last week. Hudson Valley Talk Radio also owns and operates 1260 WBNR and 1420 WLNA, stations that I guess it is impossible to hear on this side of the pond.


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