QSL: DRS Musikwelle 531


On December 28, 2008, at 22.59 UTC, the mediumwave transmitter at Beromünster, Switzerland, had their very last day on air. During the last couple of years of operation, the transmitter was used for transmitting programmes from DRS Musikwelle, programmes consisting of mainly Swiss-German traditional music which can be either fun or extremely annoying to listen to, depending on your music preferences!

I happened to listen in to the very last moments of this transmitter. A special farewell programme honoring the “Landessender Beromünster” transmitter site was aired during the last hours of transmission. When the Beromünster transmitter finally ceased broadcasting, it had been in operation for no less than 77 years (the transmitter was inaugurated in 1931).  There are some nice pictures and history of the “Landessender Beromünster” transmitter at this web page

A reception report of this special transmission went unanswered untill a reminder resulted in a nice full data QSL card last week  signed by Mario Strano of SRG Media Services in Zürich.


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