QSL: WWBC Cocoa FL 1510


On the very successfull October 2008 DX-pedition to Lista, we managed to hear a number of U.S. daytime stations. One of our best catches was hearing WWBC in Cocoa, Florida, on 1510 kHz. This station had not been heard in Scandinavia before. I must rush to add that WWBC was logged by  several other DX-ers in Norway, Sweden and Finland later in the season.

WWBC broadcasts Christian programming and is known as “The Christian Voice Of Brevard”. Their day time power is 50 kilowatts cutting down to 25 kilowatts two hours before local sunset. Ray Kassis, President, sent me a friendly e-mail confirming my reception of the station. He also included several pictures of the space shuttle and of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral which is just around the corner from Cocoa. Ray is also an active HAM operator with the call sign N4LEM.


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