QSL: LV9 Radio Salta 840


I haven’t been very succesfull in hearing stations from Argentina on mediumwave, and even less successfull in getting any verifications from the few I have managed to hear. Stations from the Southern part of South America have rarely made it to our DX-pedition site at Lista. The only time I have heard stations from this part of the world was in January 2007 when a handful of the most commonly heard stations from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay made it all the way to Lista.

One of the stations which was heard briefly was Radio Salta in Salta in Northern Argentina. Salta is a very nice city, and a city I have had the pleasure of visiting myself some years ago. Despite my praise for the city, I have had a hard time getting any response from the station untill Carlos Neco Barreira finally confirmed my reception of Radio Salta with an e-mail last week.


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