QSL: WIZZ Greenfield MA 1520


WIZZ is one of the easiest U.S. day timers to hear at my usual DX pedition site at Lista. Only WFIF in Milford, Connecticut, on 1500 kHz is more common. If conditions towards North America are good enough, the signal of WIZZ can sometimes be as good or even better than the signal of the normal powerhouse on 1520 kHz – WWKB in Buffalo, New York – around their their sign off in the evening. WIZZ broadcasts a nostalgia format from Greenfield, Massachusetts, with a daytime power of 10 kilowatts

I have tried to get a reply from WIZZ several times before, but no luck untill last week when I got a very friendly e-mail from WIZZ Chief Engineer Dan Ferreira. A few weeks later I also received a full detailed QSL card by postal mail. My reply came as a result from a follow up to a report to my best ever reception of WIZZ at the October 2004 DX pedition to Lista. WIZZ was also heard this winter, but with much more interference from WWKB than in October 2004


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