QSL: Radio Zavidovici 1503

Sometimes my recordings from previous DX-peditions just lie very quietly on my computer without being touched. One of these recordings was of an unidentified station on 1503 kHz. I had a suspicion this station was Radio Zavidovici in Zavidovici, Bosnia, but didn’t try to confirm the identity of the station untill last week when I sent an MP3 recording to Danijel Dado Slipogor at Radio Zavidovici. Dado replied and confirmed my suspicions with a nice e-mail some days ago. He tells that Radio Zavidovici is a local station with programming only from 7.10 untill 19.15 local time. Their transmitter has an output of 1 kilowatt from a 52 metre tall antenna mast. Dado is also a HAM with the call signs E72PLQ.

1503 kHz is a frequency where usually only BBC Radio Stoke and at times Iran surfaces here in Southern Norway, but on the November 2006 DX-pedition to Lista, the signal of Radio Zavidovici was heard briefly. This is the one and only time when I have ever heard this station, so I am quite pleased about this logging as well as Dados nice reply.


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