QSL: CKMW Winkler MB 1570


Hearing stations as far west as Manitoba is not very easy or very common at Lista. On the very successful October 2008 DX-pedition, however, we managed to hear a couple of stations from Manitoba. One of them was CKMW in Winkler which was heard pretty well on 1570 kHz one night along with the dominant CFAV Radio Boomer in Laval, Québec. Both stations transmit country music so it is not always easy to separate them from each other other

Director of Engineering Laverne Siemens sent me a nice QSL letter today where he writes that the transmitter of CKMW is really located in the neighbouring city of Morden. CKMW transmits with a power of 10 kilowatts 24 hours a day and the transmitter is a Nautel XR-12 operating into a two-tower array. CKMW became my very first verification from a station in Manitoba so I am quite pleased about this one.


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