QSL: WBTX Broadway-Timberville VA 1470


Hearing the unexpected is to me the main thrill about DX-ing. We heard several unexpected stations during the October 2008 DX-pedition to Lista. One of the highlights was hearing WBTX licenced to Broadway-Timberville in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley on 1470 kHz, a daytimer with a power of 5 kilowatts. WBTX was a station we never had heard about,  and much less expected to hear. The station was heard at sign-off at 6.45 p.m. EST one evening with about the same signal strength as the usual dominant WLAM in Maine.

WBTX belongs to a group of 3 radio stations and broadcasts a Southern Gospel format. The station confirmed my reception with an e-mail last week and also asks me to make a liner to the station. I’ll do as requested of course, so may be you will hear my voice if you listen in to WBTX one time! 😉


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