QSL: Zenith Classic Rock 1584


Zenith Classic Rock holds a temporary license to broadcast on 1584 kHz and is presently on air on weekends only with a power of 1 kilowatt. The station transmits in AM stereo using the C-QUAM-system and is believed to be the only station in Europe presently broadcasting in stereo on mediumwave. The transmitter is located in Ballygorey, County Kilkenny, which is north west to the city of Waterford in Ireland.

I managed to hear the station during the first weekend of 2009 despite using a 70 metre longwire only and despite heavy interference from Radio Tay in Scotland. Andy Linton confirmed my reception of the station today and also promises to send along a QSL-card when they have been printed. Andy also tells the AM  transmitter is a BE AM2.5 transmitter, capable (and using) AM Stereo and that the power run is 1kW. Their AM antenna is an 80m vertical tower, insulated, base fed. That height is 100 degrees at their frequency which is the optimum size. The exact transmitter location is Ballygorey, Co. Kilkenny, which is also the studio location of Zenith Classic Rock.  The FM transmitter is on 103.8 MHz, 2kW from White Mountain, Co. Wexford.

It’s been a long time since I have heard and verified a new station in Ireland and I am quite pleased about being able to hear this station with my limited radio equipment at home.

In June, I also received a full data QSL card, a postcard and some information about the station. Zenith Classic Rock hopes to be back with a new temporarily licence towards the end of 2009. They also want to apply for a permanent licence later on.


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