QSL: WEZS Laconia NH 1350


Catching the signal of WEZS on 1350 kHz at the last DX-pedition to Lista was a big but pleasant surprise.  WEZS was caught with a top of the hour identification at 22.00 UTC on the first night of our DX-pedition. Not too good a signal, but enough for a postitive identification. WEZS is an Oldies music station located in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Owner and General Manager Gary W. Hammond sent me an e-mail today verifying my reception of the station.  He says WEZS dates back all the time to 1922 with the call sign WKAV becoming WEZS in 1994. At present WEZS operates with a daytime power of 5 kilowatts into a 192 foot (58 metre) non-directional antenna located at Sanbornton, New Hampshire. Their regular service area normally encompasses about 65 to 70 miles (105-112 kilometres) only. This season, however, the signal of WEZS has been heard by several DX-ers in Norway and Finland.


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