QSL: Radio Shumen 963

DX-ing local radio stations from Eastern Europe is may be not very common in the small DXing community 🙂 To me, however, DX-ing small stations in Europe can be just as fun as catching the signal of a station in say Florida or Colombia.

One of these local European stations noticed on the January 2007 DX-pedition to Lista was Radio Shumen in Shumen, Bulgaria. Although this station is supposed to broadcast with a power of 50 kilowatts on 963 kHz, it is not a commonly heard station. In January 2007, Radio Shumen was heard quite well, however, interfering with the British radio stations Club Asia in London and Asian Sound Radio in Manchester. Neither of the two British stations have ever bothered to reply to my reception reports (there have been quite a few over the years). Radio Shumen, on the other hand, replied with a full data verification letter signed by both its director Iv. Savov as well as Dipl. Eng. Lazarova, Head of the Technical Department.


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