QSL: ZYJ455 Super Rádio Tupi 1280

In January 2007, we experienced some geomagnetic disturbances at Lista and we managed to hear a number of stations from Brazil and Argentina. Stations from that part of the world are otherwise rarely heard at Lista, mostly due to the antennas which we use which are usually pointed to the Caribbean or to North America.

One of the stations heard was Super Rádio Tupi in Rio de Janeiro on 1280 kHz. I sent an e-mail to the station back in October 2007, but didn’t get any reply untill now when Technical Manager José Claudio Barbedo sent me a very kind e-mail in English confirming my reception of the station. José Claudio apologized for the delay in responding and says the reason for this was that my e-mail was first considered as spam by their e-mail server! He tells the station has a Harris DX-100 transmitter with 100 kWs of power which is almost doubled by the directional array. José Claudio included a couple of photos, including the following which shows the transmitting plant of the station:


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