QSL: CKHJ Fredericton NB 1260

One of the better catches from the November 2007 DX-pedition to Lista, was CKHJ in Fredericton, New Brunswick on 1260 kHz. This frequency is usually dominated totally by WMKI in Boston with Radio Disney, but in the evening on November 11 CKHJ surfaced briefly with a promotion for their “Country Gold” programme.


Tom Blizzard, Group Program Director of Astral Media Radio Atlantic, kindly replied to my e-mail today saying that my recording is just about the best quality his heard (frankly, I thought the quality was rather poor… 🙂 ). Tom also mentions CKHJ changes pattern at night to avoid any interference with WMKI.


One thought on “QSL: CKHJ Fredericton NB 1260

  1. Hi Arild,
    Just wanted to contact you (and searched high and low, so this is my only option). If you can be bothered, please ping me at: neil@tun3r.com


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