QSL: Radio Nacional de España, Ávila 1098

I was very surprised to find a large envelope from Radio Nacional de España in my mailbox just before Christmas. The reply came from the regional station in Ávila and was a reply to a reception report which I sent to the station more than 4 years ago.

Obviously, my letter must have been collecting dust there for a long long time before it was found by Francisco Javier Fernández Nieto, Jefe de Emisiones y Producción de RNE Ávila. Señor Fernández sent not only a full data QSL-card, but also a letter, a pin, some stickers, a 70 page booklet about the history of RNE Ávila 1952-2002 and even a CD. The CD accompanies the booklet and includes a.o. several historical audio clips of RNE Ávila and its predecessors Radio Ávila 1952-1960, Radio Gredos 1960-1980, RCE Radiocadena Española 1980-1989 and finally RNE / RNE5 1989-2002. The station also has a nice web site about the history of the station – very interesting!

My report, by the way, was for a report on the RNE R5 Ávila outlet on 1098 kHz back in October 2003 when I heard the station during a fierce solar storm at Lista. The storm completely knocked out the usual dominant transmitter in Slovakia. Many other Spanish stations were also heard at the same time.


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