QSL: Rádio Renascença 927

I have definitely not sent a lot of reception reports to European radio stations in recent years. Good reception conditions towards the Americas on mediumwave has kept me busy reporting stations from this part of the world instead. Last month, however, I sent out a couple of reception reports to European stations, including a report to Rádio Renascença in Portugal which replied with a full data QSL-card and some stickers in just one weeks time.

My report to Rádio Renascença was really a «spin-off-product» from the DX-pedition to Lista in January 2007 when I recorded a 15 kilohertz spectre of the AM band from 915 to 930 kHz hoping to catch some interesting South American stations on 920 and 930 kHz. The signal of Rádio Renascença on 927 kHz was also received and recorded at the same time. Their small 1 kilowatt transmitter in the nice city of Évora was heard very well with night time programming consisting of mainly main stream pop music. In addition to 927 kHz, Rádio Renascença can also be heard on 963 and 594 kHz, the latter usually suffers serious interference from Hessischer Rundfunk on the same frequency though.


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