DX-pedition to Lista January 12-16, 2007

On January 12-16, I was back at our DX-pedition QTH at Lista on the southern coast of Norway for the last trip of the season, at least the last for my part. I was accompanied by 2 other frequent visitors, Geir Fredheim and Jan Alvestad. Jan only stayed for the first 2 nights, while me and Geir spent 2 more nights at the Norwegian favourite DX-site in Southern Norway (in Northern Norway the favourite DX-site in undoubtably Kongsfjord).

This time we tried installing antennas in 2 new directions: A new one directed towards the northwest (California) and another one directed towards Buenos Aires. Our usual antenna directed towards the west was also installed. Both of the new antennas produced several new stations (and were thus deemed successfull!) while the antenna towards the west didn’t produce much interesting.

Conditions were varied and better than during the last trip in November. The first and the last night were the most interesting nights with the antennas towards northwest and towards southwest giving the most interesting results. On the first night, several stations from Mexico, Utah and Colorado were heard with the best signals coming from XEPE Cash 1700. The best loggings were 1430 KEZW in Colorado, 1430 KLO in Utah and 1470 XEAI Radio Fórmula in Mexico City. These are all commonly heard stations in the north. For us, however, it was a new experience to hear stations from this part of the USA and from Mexico as I have never been able to hear any other stations from West of the Rockies at all!

Conditions were disturbed on the last night giving several stations from Brazil and Argentina the chance to be heard on our newly installed antenna towards the southwest. Among the stations heard were 920 Radio Nacional del Paraguay, 1270 Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires, 1350 Radio Buenos Aires, 1430 Rádio Clube Paranaense and 1610 Radio Guaviyú 1610.

Update on Nov. 16, 2007: The entire log can now be viewed here, on Google Docs (a Google account is not necessary to view the log, by the way).


9 thoughts on “DX-pedition to Lista January 12-16, 2007

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