QSL: ZFB Bermuda 1230

Barry Fraser at the Bermuda Broadcasting Corporation confirmed my reception of ZFB in Bermuda on 1230 kHz. My first verification from a station at Bermuda! ZFB was heard at the November 2005 DX-pedition to Lista with quite good quality for an hour or so.

Barry says ZFB now only relays their FM programming and identifies as “Spirit FM” or “Spirit FM 105″. “Spirit” is their Christian Community radio station, but also carries news and music in addition to Christian programming. ZFB now advises their AM listeners to retune to FM, so it looks very much like Bermuda will be gone from both 1230 and 1340 kHz soon.

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One thought on “QSL: ZFB Bermuda 1230

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know if ZFB 1230 is still broadcasting? Looking for current information in order to update my christian radio list. Noticed this post that’s about 3 years old, but would like to confirm they are still broadcasting Christian radio over the air in Bermuda. Any information is greatly appreciated.


    Keith Brown

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