QSL: Radio Mira 1190

I was very pleased to receive an e-mail from Radio Mira in Tumaco, Colombia, when I returned from my holidays last some days ago. It is more than 3 months since I sent my report to then and I supposed they would go into the record as one of many Colombian stations which wouldn’t reply. Not so: The Director Juan Hernán Payan Jimenez sent me an enthusiastic e-mail verifying my reception of the station and telling me they would send me «un saludo en directo» on September 14 (unfortunately, I was still on holiday at that time).

I suppose Radio Mira doesn’t get too many reports as the station is quite rare here in Scandinavia. I have only managed to hear Radio Mira once, during the November 2006 DX-pedition to Lista, when teh station surfaced briefly for a couple of minutes on 1190 kHz. 1190 kHz is normally occupied by another Colombian station, Radio Cordillera in Bogotá (that’s one of the many Colombians which has never replied to my reports) or by WLIB in New York or WBMJ in Puerto Rico.

Radio Mira belongs to the Colombian CARACOL network and always identifies as “Radio Mira de Caracol”. The station has a live audio feed at the interesting and advanced website http://www.tumaco.net


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