QSL: WCCM Haverhill MA 1490



One of the many highlights during the February 2006 DX-pedition to Lista was being able to catch the signal of WCCM in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on 1490 kHz. This was possibly the first reception of this station in Norway.

I have sent several e-mails to them in the past, without any success whatsoever. A reception report with an audio clip on a CD, however, resulted in a nice verification letter from Operations Manager Francine Pickles of Costa Eagle Broadcasting. Francine tells me they are a radio group with three AM radio stations: 800 WNNW, 1110 WCEC and 1490 WCCM with 800 WNNW as their strongest station. Since the time I heard them, WCEC and WCCM has swapped frequencies so that WCCM is now on 1110 kHz with talk programs in English while WCEC can be heard on 1490 kHz with Spanish programming. WCEC has got a live audio feed as well – with excellent quality of course!


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