QSL: HJLI Vida AM Música 1520

Vida AM Música in Bogotá is quite possibly the most commonly heard AM stations from Colombia at my place. The station is heard very often on 1520 kHz, especially in the winter mornings, but has been a very poor verifier. Today, however, I received an e-mail from Bibiana Amézquita, Asistente Pastoral,of the mother organization Comunidad Cristiana Manantial, regarding my e-mail to the station. The e-mail doesn’t really have any good verification text, but I’ll still count this as a QSL. Bibiana says the station has received several e-mails from Norway and Sweden about the reception of the station, and I am glad she still cares to reply to the e-mails they get.

In addition to 1520 kHz, the Comunidad Cristiana Manatial organization also broadcasts on 1130 kHz carrying their “Vida Básica” service. The “Vida Básica” service has also been logged at Lista a couple of times on 1130 kHz, but is definitely more seldomly heard than 1520 kHz. Both “Vida Básica” and “Vida Música” can be heard live on the web, by the way.


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