QSL: CDN La Radio 1130


A surprising but very welcome e-mail from CDN La Radio in Santo Domingo made it to my inbox some days ago. The e-mail came from Osvaldo Santana, Director of CDN Radio y Televisión who confirmed my reception of the station on 1130 kHz in November 2006. My letter is also mentioned in an article on the web pages of CDN – cool!

CDN La Radio was probably my best catch from the November 2006 expedition to Lista. All credit for identifying the station goes to Henrik Klemetz in Sweden who identified the station on my audio clip. CDN La Radio belongs to a media group which includes both a newspaper, 2 radio stations and a television station. According to their web pages, their AM station transmits on both 1040 and 1130 kHz. CDN La Radio is a new name for the station listed as HIRL “La Mezcla” in the latest WRTH (see the blog comment from Pentti Lintujärvi below).


2 thoughts on “QSL: CDN La Radio 1130

  1. Hi,
    CDN La Radio is not a new station. HIRL Santiago 1130 has previously been known as Radio Exitos, and then Cadena de Noticias. It’s been logged many times in 1990’s in Scandinavia. HION CDN La Radio 1040 Santo Domingo was Radio Central in 1990’s. Then it was changed to Cadena de Noticias and began transmitting in parallel with 1130. This station also was logged in Scandinavia. I myself have QSL from Cadena de Noticias on 1040 and logged them also on 1130.

    73 de Pentti Lintujärvi, Finland

  2. Hi Pentti,

    Thank you very much for your posting and for correcting my blog posting. You are absolutely right that this is not a new station, it has only changed name and apparently also ownership. “CDN La Radio” must be the very same station listed as “La Mezcla” in the latest WRTH with the call sign HIRL in Santiago. When looking through the “Amazing AM” list of all stations heard in Norway 1945-1994, available at http://www.dxlc.com/lists/mwdx/central_america.pdf, I can see that both HION on 1040 and HIRL on 1140 has been logged also in Norway in the 1970s and the 1980s. I have updated my blog posting above with your information. Thanks again for your comment.

    73s Arild S

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