Logs this weekend

Not much time for DX-ing this weekend, but 2 (to me) new stations were logged: HJDL and HRRF.

1140 7.10 0541 HJDL Radio Paisa, Medellín, caught with an ID in between romantic music. This is a new station for me
1476 7.10 1700 Radio 1476 started a programme in Slovenian from ORF Radio Kärnten: “Sie hören jetzt das slowenische Magazin des ORF Landesstudio Kärntens”. Strong signal and not exactly hard core DX…
1570 6.10 0549 HIAJ Radio Amanecer, Santo Domingo, with an ID as “La Voz de la Esperanza”. Shouldn’t be on the air at this time according to the WRTH, but definitely was on this morning
1570 8.10 0547 HRRF RCN Tegucigalpa mixing with a couple of other Spanish speaking stations. A real surprise to hear this one. ID as “la nueva RCN”


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