Logs this weekend

Good conditions on mediumwave on Friday and Saturday with a couple of new South Americans heard around sunrise. There were also interesting signals on several other frequencies. Sunday morning was a big disappointment because of storm activities on the sun.

945 22.9 1915 Offshore Music Radio via Radio Nord in Riga played music from the 50s, 60s and 70s and had a live presenter in the studio in England. Good signal strength, good audio quality, but quite a lot of interference from co-channel France. This station is relayed from Radio Nord every Friday from 19.00 to 21.00
1350 22.9 0513 HJHL Radio Reloj, Ibagué, identified simply as “Radio Reloj 13-50” in between some romantic songs. QRM from an unidentified Spanish religious station
1380 23.9 0528 OCY4U Radio Nuevo Tiempo, Lima, heard around sunrise for 10 minutes playing latin pop and identifying between each record played
1470 23.9 0521 OAU4B CPN Radio, Lima, superb signal carrying a religious programme at this time rather than their usual news format. New format or just a one time event?
1560 23.9 0537 WQEW New York NY with an ID as “AM 15-60 Radio Disney AM”. 2 more stations were heard at the same time, but was never IDed
1660 22.9 0456 WCNZ Marco Island FL with Relevant Radio and a local ID at this time. WWRU heard in the background
1660 24.9 0500 WWRU Jersey City NJ was the only station with a decent signal this morning. Many IDs as “Radio Korea” in Korean
1680 23.9 0458 Unidentified station playing nonstop latin music and identifying as “16-80 WCPS” (or possibly WCPX or WCPA). Is this the Florida station with a new call?


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