Good conditions on mediumwave

Transatlantic conditions on mediumwave has been good during the past couple of mornings and I have been able to hear a couple of interesting stations even though I haven’t put up any decent antennas yet.

Here is the log:

600 12.9 0430 R. Rebelde, Urbano Norris, was the strongest station here, but an unidentified LA station was also heard at this time
780 14.9 0430 CFDR Dartmouth NS is easily recognized with their country format
1470 14.9 0450 CPN R. heard several mornings lately, sometimes with an impressive signal strength
1490 12.9 0502 HCSM5 R. Santa María heard with an ID as “Radio Santa Maria”. Heard with a good signal strength for 45 minutes playing nonstop religious music. A big surprise!
1499,8 14.9 0443 R. Santa Rosa decent signal strength with rosarios
1560 14.9 0500 Santa María de la Paz with a clear ID on the hour. Another interesting religious Latin American station was also noted here, but no ID on that one unfortunately

All stations heard on a 70 metre longwire antenna only


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